Brand Communication Events

As a brand, there comes a time when you must roll up your sleeves and directly touch your customers. Through events, we seek to evoke emotion between your brand and your target market to create a lasting connection that undoubtedly reflects in the letters ROI.

Private Events

There is nothing more rewarding than entertaining a select group of very important persons in your network. Private events must be approached with special care and inordinate amounts of detail. Broker Events, Appreciation Dinners, Invite Only Events – ZAHZI rolls out the red carpet for an unforgettable experience.

Event Staffing

ZAHZI’s national 3-step selection process is used to bring your event to life: (1.) Do they have the look and experience? (2.) Do they possess a bubbly inviting tone? (3.) Are they quick-reacting communicators? Our 3-step formula consistently cranks out professional Brand Ambassadors who go above and beyond to ensure your guest regurgitate every moment of their experience to their inner circle.

Fashion, Beauty & Art Events

We are artists in our craft, so we understand artists and their needs better than anyone else. We provide creative direction, handle every aspect of execution and give you access to resources that will make your vision come to life. Our detailed event recaps, including metrics, are yours to analyze and share with your team to ensure your next event is even more successful than the last.

Product Launches

You only get one chance to launch your newest product so you’ll want to ensure your event is press worthy. Our creative team researches what’s already been done in your industry and takes your launch party entirely left. Everyone wants to share, tweet, talk about and be associated with what’s different and fresh – we can help you get there.

Research & Resources

ZAHZI is a hub of industry vendors, venues, talent, and staff. We comb through our organically grown database to find which vendors are best at their craft and fit within your budget. Consider us budgetary masters. We do the leg work and research necessary to give our clients more than they expect.